Peru 2013

How it all started

‚Peru Humanitarian Project 2013’ was the first trip of the friends and plastic surgeons Kai Kaye, Daniel Sattler and Michel Saiveau. In a team of nine volunteer medical professionals they travelled from Europe to Lima and continued their way in the Andes. Their destination was ‚Kausay Wasi Clinic’ located in Coya one hour from Cusco in 2951m (9682 ft) altitude. In seven days the team managed to consult 120 patients and operate on 60 patients to heal them from their disabilities and improve their quality of life.

Fotos aus Peru

Help us now! Our next humanitarian project will take place in Nepal 2015. You can easily help the people in Nepal by placing your donation here. Every support counts, you can make it possible.

Daniel Sattler M.D.

Health Media Award Winner 2014

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