Federal government honors voluntary work of „Beta Humanitarian Help e.V.“

Promoting health in the world‘s poorest states and supporting global change – that’s what „Beta Humanitarian Help e.V.“ is aiming for. Meanwhile the non-profit organization is looking back on seven different missions in developing countries like Peru and Burundi, where they offered the much needed medical care for those who could not afford it otherwise. The team of Dr. med. Daniel Sattler and their voluntary work has now been honored with a letter of thanks by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The joint focus is the promotion of health in the poorest countries of the world to support the global development. The BMZ promotes among other things the sexual and reproductive health and the women’s rights in Togo. They offer an advisory service to support voluntaries and to connect those who are willing to help among each other.

The “Beta Humanitarian Help e.V.” is more than grateful for the appreciation and honor of the BMZ and the Federal government. The team of Dr. med. Daniel Sattler is thankful for the support and the shared goal to promote health, to save lives all around the globe and overall, to contribute to worldwide change and development.